What is BeeAround?

BeeAround is an online marketplace where we help you to find the right Service Professional for your job. Thereby saving you the hassle and money because we do all the work by delivering you multiple quotes within 24hrs.

How it works?

There are a couple of easy steps you need to follow. You make a request for a service like carpet cleaning, plumbing, electrician, insurance etc then you give us some key details about the job, when and where you need the job done and the best way to contact you with quotes i.e. email, text, or phone.

Then our sophisticated algorithms will find local businesses based on postal code that are qualified to do the job, we invite them to quote on it and you’ll receive on average about 5 quotes back with ratings reviews and background checks as well as the prices and the exact appointment time, without picking up the phone.

Once you are happy with the quotes and after checking their reviews and other details, you pick your preferred Service Professional and book the job. Lastly, after the completion of the job you pay the Service Professional the agreed price quoted and give your own review of the Service Professional based on punctuality and experience.

How are we different from Google and other classified directories?

We thought as we look at the local online directory there were already a lot doing the same thing including Google, Yahoo merchant, yellow pages and other directories returning hundreds of listings. So if your goal is to go out there and browse the web for businesses you’re pretty much taken care of. What we have done is actually solve the problem for people. Think of it as solving the paradox of choice problem. Because if you are browsing, you don’t know if the service provider is going to be available or interested in your job or how much they going to charge you. At that point, you are doing the same amount of work by using your telephone to call your local businesses.

Why should I use BeeAround?

  1. Connect with local service providers.
  2. Review provider credentials online.
  3. Save time and dramatically cut costs.
  4. Leverage buying power.
  5. Completely FREE to use!

Can I register My Business If I Am Not In Canada??

BeeAround is available in all Canadian provinces and territories. You can register as a Service Professional or customer looking for services. It is FREE to register.

How do I control which job leads I receive?

The job leads you receive are determined by your postcode, work area and trade/skills selected during sign-up. You can change these settings at any time by logging in to your account and select ‘Dashboard > My Projects and then chose either New Lead or Not Interested”.

Are there ever fees for customers?

BeeAround is free for customers. There are never any fees for customers to use our service and if you book any service professional through our marketplace, you pay the service professional or the Service Professional directly after a job well done.

Why is booking through BeeAround better than booking from business directories?

Besides being faster and easier, using BeeAround helps you get better quality of service. Once your job is completed, BeeAround will give you the opportunity to rate the Service Professional or service professional you selected. Service Professionals thrive on getting good reviews because it makes future customers more likely to book them. When you book the service professionals, they work extra hard because they know you will rate them after their work.

What happens when I submit a request for service?

This depends if your request is public or directly to the Service Professional. If you request for quote from a particular Service Professional, your request get sent to that Service Professional. But if it is public, your request is sent to additional qualified and eligible service professionals or service professionals in your area. And the various quotes are sent to you via sms or email.

How does BeeAround find its service professionals?

Through our various advertising medium and word of mouth. A lot of our service professionals recommends our service to other service professionals.

What if my category is not listed or service professionals not in BeeAround?

Tell us what you’re looking for and we will create a category for your business. But if the service is not available at BeeAround, we will do our best to match you with qualified service professionals or service professional who can meet your needs. As long as your request meet our terms and conditions.