Canada’s first Marketplace for Local Services Now Open!


Consumers and local service providers can now enjoy a new platform that allows them to connect with each other in an easy and hassle-free manner. has launched as Canada’s first marketplace for local services. CEO Ruslan Elensky and Technical Director Alan Isik have formed the company with a common goal of providing a place where local service providers can offer their services and consumers can easily connect with them, all in one place.

The platform has been designed with a creative approach. It is one that meets the needs of both the consumers and the local service providers. Service providers have the opportunity to compete against each other constructively by submitting bids to clients of interest. Consumers now have the opportunity to choose from multiple service providers based on these bids.

According to President and CEO, Ruslan Elensky, “The process of finding the perfect service provider is simple for Canadians. All it requires is one posting for a quote request, which is completely free for the consumer. The consumer can receive as many quotes as they wish and make a comparison of these.” has a large database of available service providers that can range from babysitting services, plumbing and electrical contractors, handymen, gardeners, along with many more professionals within 500 categories.

Consumers taking advantage of what Beearound has to offer will save time and money. Upon completion of a service, the consumer can then leave their feedback about the service. This can be of benefit to other consumers in the process of making a hiring decision.

Beearound is the problem solver for those service providers that are wasting time and money trying to drum up new business. There are over 500 service categories that a service provider can sign up for on this platform. All types of businesses and professionals such as lawyers, health care providers, insurance brokers and even freelancers can make use of this platform effectively. It is just a matter of creating a profile for themselves or their business and then providing bids on the leads they receive for their services.

According to Alan Isik, technical director, “Up until the launch of Beearound, service providers have had to deal with the cost of pay per click for their paid advertising. Here on this platform they will be able to enjoy a subscription service that will dramatically reduce their costs of acquiring new customers.”

As part of the launch of Beearound for a limited time only new service providers are able to join and use the services provided by Beearound for Free.

The Beearound platform is now open for business and service providers are invited to register at the site, so they can start providing their services through the platform.

Anyone wanting more information about this new, innovative and very exciting  Canadian online marketplace for local services can contact the Beearound team at

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